Some ways to market your business, below. Each of these has a different pricing structure and may be effective based on what you are trying to achieve. Chambers of commerce. Can be highly effective but there usually a cost per year and per event. Can take a while and quite a few meetings before getting business depending on the quality of the chamber. Business organizations. Local business organizations can be a useful resource, but like chambers of commerce come with a joining fee and can take a while to recognized enough to get business from it. Business networking groups (BNI, LeTip, etc). You will probably get faster results getting business from one of these. Their cost will be probably be significantly higher than chambers or business organizations. Advertising. (Google Ads, website, print, etc) This can be very fast to obtain business from, but can also be expensive. You will have to try and experiment with what markets, keywords and ads work best so expect to blow some money with ???trial and error.?? Social Media. (Facebook, twitter, etc) ??? If you don??t pay anything for their targeted ads, then this probably be the cheapest, yes slowest way to make business. Word of mouth / referrals. Usually free of charge, unless you give a referral bonus. Can be very effective based on your client??s referral and the needs for your business. Some businesses are so successful, all they do is word of mouth and referral networking. Professional trade shows / seminars. Very fun to go to and often free or very inexpensive. However from my own personal experience, 99% of the cards you pass out won??t go far, except maybe for making a new friend. Most contacts you send out will probably go ignored or unanswered. Pamphlets / flyers / promotional material. Typically the free or least inexpensive method but will also usually take the longest to get results. For example, putting up pamphlets, business cards and flyers up on local bulletin boards is a very cheap way to get exposure, but it will take time and I don??t recommend it as the only way to put yourself out there. GET OUT THERE!! Don??t sit around and wait for business to come to you. I have had other businesses come to me, begging for referrals. As a self employed entrepreneur and business person, you will have to be aggressive and hunt for gigs. Harsh as it sounds ??? those who aren??t cut out for that may have to go back to a day job!