Honestly, I am too busy even to look at my previous post on Townsquared. I usually try to make sure I am not repeating myself. Well, I just may be repeating myself because I am sort of overwhelmed with work. Just like YOU! I just hired a woman to help out a little so I can get to a Photo Shop class Saturday mornings. I feel I like I am able to juggle just one more thing. Wouldn??t you know that my teacher has given us homework. Lots of homework??_..Don??t think I will be doing any until I have finished will all my new inventory on my website??_.Maybe a while! So, I found this article I think you should read. A few things on it I do already. A few I don??t and I am going to start implementing. The biggest is Journaling. Yes, I write ideas and thoughts and make lists and cross off my finished work by the end of the day. I start a new list the second I close my doors and the next day is jumping up and down in my head. I am getting older, damn it, and it really helps me remember tasks I may let slip. Not a good idea to forget when other people depend on you. Here is the article. Maybe a few ideas will help you as we try to keep our head above water until Christmas. https://www.shopify.com/blog/how-to-focus-better?utm_source=Shopify+Blog+Email+Updates&utm_campaign=