Earlier I posted about my battle with Verizon, I even got the FCC involved, but still I am getting nowhere, and now it seems like FCC had closed the file! :-( Long story short, after the heavy storm in July this year, Verizon's wires were destroyed to the point of needing total replacement. Meanwhile, after 18 days of practically no phone nor internet service, my business had a staggering 30% drop in sales income. When Verizon technician advise this big wire replacement job needs to be done, I decided to switch carrier to save my business. Now Verizon is going after me for an Early Termination Fee of $561.70. This to me is so wrong and unethical, when Verizon was the one who cannot fulfill their end of the deal to provide me with the service I paid for. Can anyone give me some advise? I would appreciate it tremendously.