I have been loving this posts about "content" marketing. I think because I went to school for writing and worked for magazines, it seems like a good way to tie that experience into my business. But here's the thing. I sell clothes, and gifts! Yes, I sell local art and poetry (sometimes) and interesting healing tools like herbs, crystals and all that common pretty, fun good stuff, but what I write about is largely identity, personality, psychology, etc. I can tie back to these themes of fashion but ultimately I really can't write about "trends" and "style tips" and feel good about it. Is it appropriate to extend my blog to the personal of running a business. I honestly do feel like my personality is very evident in the space: there's a balance between whimsy and practicality, because that's very much me. But I don't want to alienate customers who just want to see pretty clothes. Does it add value? Does it possibly detract? I am okay with losing a subscriber here and there if it means I am exciting and engaging my target audience but there's not much feedback. Thoughts?