How does this sad love song help you rake in the cash with your copy? The answer is in the title. Actually, we might want to rewrite the title for the 21st Century: "Listen Like the Mockingbird; Then Be the Mockingbird!" The male mocking bird woos the female with beautiful songs... songs of sounds found in nature. Just as you can woo your prospects with words, sounds, phrases, sentences, and rhythms they are already familiar with and comfortable with. I like to give this example: A doctor may have come up with a product for dyspepsia, a medical condition caused by stomach ulcers or acid reflux. The medical terminology approach would produce this headline: When you have dyspepsia, follow doctor's orders... The Mockingbird Method would have you say, When you have an upset stomach and feel bloated, here is what the Doctor wants you to do... Now, think about it. Which one would keep you reading? Yours, David