Blog posts, informational articles, and other forms of online content are all effective ways to inform our potential customers and increase our online visibility. But if we??re spending valuable time and resources writing and publishing content, at least, we need to make sure it??s driving results for our business, don??t you think? Many of us don??t have enough time to devote on writing articles and searching for topics to capture our online target audience on a daily basis. Hence identifying which topics and pages are particularly valuable to our business as we regularly post content to our site and social media properties is key. Once we identify the information that gives us a better ROI, repurposing it into other formats is a cost-effective way to create new content without researching entirely new topics. This strategy saves time in the content creation process, allows us to reach a wider audience, and provides us with more opportunities to target the keywords our audience is searching. As a result, we increase our site??s chances of appearing in search results for keywords that are valuable to our business. Do you publish original content on your company??s website regularly? If you do, are you seeing the results you want from that content?