I attend last nights Marketing Meeting and was typing up my notes. I thought they could be useful to some of you. Maybe Linda will be posting the whole night's info. Not sure so I thought I would share my deciphered chicken scratch I wrote while listening to Sherley at the Washington Square Conservatory 1. Get direct quotes from your customers. (Can use them in social media, newsletters, etc.) 2. Connect with the emotions of your customers. i.e. Take a picture of a customer with their new purchase and use it to promote your products. 3. Create a single call to action. Don??t overwhelm with too many questions. Do polls. 4. Create paper newsletters. Tangible paper sticks with a customer. Post cards are cheap and great for customer contact. 5. Engagement. My customer is 'the Center of my Business'. 6. Communicate with your customer after an interaction. i.e. 1st purchase, type of purchase, joined a loyalty program, Linked to you on their social media etc. 7. Communicate with your customer following a milestone. i.e. a birthday, an anniversary of joining your mailing list, purchased a gift card, etc. 8. Offer Incentives to your customer i.e. discounts, invitation to a store/business event, invitation to your loyalty program, free gift, gift card discount with purchase, a unique service ( i.e. a tutorial, a class) given for a purchase over a set amount. 9. Remember Swag/Loyalty Programs Use Surveys (Google for Business has good templates) 10. Communicate with your lapsed customers. Offer incentives to re-engage them. 11. Email engagement, thank them for their recent purchase. Be personal. 12.Throw an Event. At the event, Engage your current customers, meet new potential customers, showcase an item or service, sell more merchandise,use nametags, know who??s coming, extend multiple spots to best customers, target attendees; event should be 80/20 fun to business, send your Event attendees home with something, Follow Up! 12.Partner with a Non-Profit of a complementary business to piggyback marketing. HAPPY THANKGIVING!