Consider the humble hula-hoop. Sitting in a garage by itself, it's little more than a large ring of plastic. Put around the waist of a person who's willing to set it in motion, the hula-hoop is a wonder to behold. Just as long as... ... the hula-hoop wearer keeps moving in the direction that makes the hula-hoop spin. So it is with copy. Have you ever thought about it? Most people haven??t. That is why their copy is so perfectly clear... and explanatory... and dull. Dull doesn't do it... not when you're trying to get prospects to take action, that is. Here's a tip you may have never fully realized before: Good copy is not: ... static... lethargic... motionless. No. Good copy is: ... dynamic... energetic... kinetic. In simple words, that means copy is in motion. It starts in motion... and because it keeps going, right to the last word, it has momentum. When people perceive or imagine motion, they get emotional. Think movies. Think a rousing, stemwinder speaker. Think of a large bear coming out of nowhere, running straight towards you. Emotion: Fear Motion: Running to safety You don't need to scare people like a bear to get them emotional and prompt them to action. But you are well advised to get them to picture motion in order to emotionally motivate them to take action. Here are some ways: * write descriptive language to get your prospect to imagine using your product or service (???think of how good it will feel when you??_ ??). * talk about the actions taken by you and your company, that were necessary to bring the product or service to market (???we scoured the planet to find the highest-quality??_ ??). * ask your prospect to take the specific action you want them to take (???Come by soon to see for yourself how??_ ??) Remember: If you can keep their brains in motion, their hearts and fingers will follow. I am picturing you writing to evoke emotion. Sincerely, David