Townsquared brings us the opportunity to network at least once a month. I published some pictures on Facebook from different events that happened this month: These events are good to expand our business opportunities. The process is definitely a lot easier when you have a few go-to icebreakers in your back pocket. In order to lead your game and avoid awkward silent moments, try the following conversation starters on your next networking event: -> When in doubt, just try the basics: asking what someone does, inquiring why he or she is at the event, or even just reaching out your hand and saying hi. For example, "Hi, I don't know too many people here, so I wanted to introduce myself. I'm [name] and I work at [company]." Or, "Hi, what brought you here today??? -> My go-to in any situation is "How's your day going?" It never fails. It's simple, classic, and always effective if you throw in a smile. Then, you can ask "How did you hear about this event?" -> You've got at least a couple things in common with every person in the room: the event you're attending, the place it's being held at, and the food and drink you're consuming. So, you can ask "I can't stop eating these veggies. Have you tried them?" -> While you don't want to start up any hot political debates, some light-hearted headline sharing is a great way to break the ice. ???What do you think about [insert topic germane to the event or person here]?" What's your typical go-to conversation starter in networking events?