Tuesday night my block participated in the Night Out Seattle event, hosted by the Seattle Police Department. This event is designed to engage local communities in Crime Prevention and connecting with the Seattle Police department. Ours was a small affair. We didn't have any Police Officers show up and there were only maybe a dozen or so of my neighbors, but the experience could not have been more positive. We had a blast! As a newcomer to Seattle, it was especially heartening to find my neighborhood populated with such warm and committed people. They were not only concerned with the safety of our neighborhood but were willing to take action, to do something about it. I left our little barbecue feeling my rented house had become more of a home. I wanted to share this experience to encourage others in Beacon Hill to get out there and engage with their neighbors, even if its not in an official capacity. Throw a party! Have a barbecue! Connecting with your neighbors is the first and most important way to build a strong a prosperous community. I've also attached a link to the Night Out Seattle Informational page in case anyone wanted to check it out.