I recently had a discussion with an employee about her inconsistency getting mundane "checklist" tasks finished. When I initially hired her, I wanted to allow her to do merchandising, buying suggestions, etc. But as I saw she had difficulty completing the tasks that were "high priority" or necessary, I took away the fun creative projects so as not to distract her. In our most recent conversation, she asked me about this decision and I explained that restocking, tagging, and inventory-related tasks were more important to me. And she explained that the creative projects actually made her more engaged with the shop, which then carried over into the other operational tasks. I think in a way, this is actually a valid point. It's sort of like how certain children perform better in math and science when they have access to art and music education. So we are going to experiment with this theory and give time for creative endeavors (and keep the time limited), to see if this does indeed improve performance across the board. Just another thing I learned being a boss for such a short period of time! Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?