This post is directed to small business owners in Ecommerce Land. Many of us cannot afford a professional to create site ready photos. Many of us do not have the time or the inclination to learn a process. I have developed a little system over the past year. It is very very basic and not for Photoshop experts nor website professionals. This advice is for the rest of us. I started my site a little over a year ago. It is not the biggest and the bestest, nor are the pictures perfect, but I do it all myself and am happy with it. Everything on the site??_.every picture??_.product shot and lifestyle pic I shoot, photo edit and download on my site. It has been extraordinarily painful to learn from ground zero. I now can do it without thinking...almost. When one of my free photo editor's disappear or when Picasa blended into Google Photos, I cried for a week. There are quite a few free photo editors available. Almost too many. I learned some and picked a few to create my system. If you have the time to learn the basics of Photoshop and Lightroom, obviously that is the best. You can also get free downloads if you really really try hard to find them. I don??t have the time and so far my store is not Tory Burch (Yet) so I don??t need to use them. Gimp is a wonderful photo editor that is a simplified version of Photoshop. I used it for a while but decided even that was too complicated and unnecessary for my needs. I was using Picasa, which now has disappeared into Google Photos. Google Photos works great. I use it??s photo editor to work on the color, straighten the product if needed and send it off to clip magic. Clipmagic does cost I think about $3.00 a month to start. I will sell my firstborn to keep this wonderful editing tool! Want to put your product on a white background (or an array of color choices including transparent)? This tool is a must. There are others but I chose this one for it??s low cost and simple execution. If I need a little more help with the picture, for example, removing something that doesn??t belong, I use Picmonkey. Again, this is still in Beta and free. If you join now, maybe you will be grandfathered in for ever and ever. This is a very easy photo editor that offers a few neat tools the others don??t. The best tool on this editor is Cloning. I once cloned a bush over a pile of garbage bags to save a shot! It is one amazing tool. All of these editors can do many tricks. Resize your pixels for different social media formats, including your website??_.cropping your pic so your ecommerce product shots are uniform??_. I could go on with more detail but simplicity is best. What I have learned over the last year is the more I learn, the less I know. Create a system and then streamline it. Keep it simple. Side step every so often if there is a glitch. Experiment when there is time and always keep researching??_.and then do it all again tomorrow :)