I was thinking of having a long weekend sale this weekend. I have flash sales all the time (20% OFF Dresses Only, etc.) to try and motivate people to buy during the slower weekdays or part of the season and only once has someone complained to me because they bought an item earlier before the sale. (Usually I try to explain that the sale usually occurs when we have less size availability or only lasts for 24 hours and can't extend back an entire week.) As a customer I definitely appreciate price adjustments, but as a business owner I cannot compete with stores like Urban Outfitters that give you a scope of two weeks for price adjustments. What are the small business rules of the road for price adjustments. For a store like mine where we have 3 or less of each size, I feel that price adjustments have to be very limited. Is 24 hours a good period of time? Any input much appreciated and have a happy prosperous holiday weekend!