I was recently asked by another Townsquared Member if she should keep a part time job while slowly building her retail business. This question brought up such an important angle with living and breathing small businesses. Some of us really have had to buckle down and completely do without to keep our company going, slowly paying off old debt while building our business. There has been numerous times over the last few years I have opened up Craigslist to try to get a part time job. I always stopped myself!. Every time I came close to an opportunity I realized I could use my time more wisely and put the energy into my store. Sometimes it was so difficult. I looked at my situation as; do or die??. I made sure I utilized my time learning everything I could so I could to save money.instead of hiring someone to do it for me. I am a strong believer in ???Just Do It??! I did start feeling resentful I could not have any luxuries; no dinners out, and really lived on nothing. I know this type of stripped living is not sustainable but I gave myself a time frame, I was hyper focused and did not listen to anyone. I am really glad I did. I am starting to see the light and know my business is slowly growing. I even take myself out for dinner now! So my words come to this conclusion. Don??t hang on to a life raft. Your time is too valuable and Needs to be used wisely.