Hi everyone! Recently a customer came in with a dress with a very small snag in it. The snag was in the mesh part of the dress which is pretty easily damaged if anything sharp comes into contact with it (hangers, keys, what have you.) She had bought the dress 8 months ago. In any case, she asked me to fix it for her. In the past, I have fixed shoes where the shoe broke in the first two weeks of normal wear. Especially if the shoe is around $100, I don't mind doing this at all. I keep hearing that the best thing to do for your business is to keep your existing customer happy; at the same time, our store has a focus on affordability, with clothes that retail for $20 and up. If we begin to repair clothing for our customers I fear we could be expected to do this in perpetuity, until it eats away at our profits. We have some pieces that cost $180 and shoes that are $165. I also completely don't mind replacing clothing that seems like it has manufacturing defaults. I was wondering what you other retailers do in these situations! Thanks so much for your help in advance! Best, Xenia