One of the most profound tools I have found for personal and profession success is working with Energetic Boundaries. Consciously managing boundaries has had a tremendous impact on my professional relationships, and on my ability to weather the challenges of owning a business. When I realized that every client I've ever had has needed boundary work, I thought I would share some tips and tools. Quantum physics shows us that all matter, including you and I, is made up of energy. The energy of which you are made literally radiates out from you. The good news is that with intention, you can use this energy to protect yourself AND create space in which you can function at your best. I've also found that a big issue for folks is the ability to speak up in a business setting in a way that tells the truth, but is also appropriate for the circumstances. Join me tonight for a FREE half-hour Introductory call SET BOUNDARIES & SPEAK UP at WORK. 6 pm PDT, 9pm EDT