I know a lot of us small business owners, particularly those of us who take a show on the road from time-to-time, find the Square Register App really convenient. It's free unless you use it, and it generates some reporting if you are into those sort of beginner's analytics. I have been using it for a while, and see they are adding features constantly. While I am moving to a different system, I still believe that this is the best processing for anyone in the very beginning stages of a business, because it minimizes risk and investment hardware. Now Square is competing with companies like Gusto (formerly zen payroll and very easy to use) by also keeping track of time cards for employees as well as filing forms and taking care of your payroll taxes. https://squareup.com/payroll?gclid=CJ7MxpOHkM8CFYckhgodWaUIYw&pcrid=49129785577&pdv=c&pkw=square+payroll&pmt=e