I order takeout from a tiny Spanish restaurant around the corner from my store. On my last visit, I instantly noticed a total change of employees and the place was almost empty. I knew immediately the business had been sold. I spoke briefly to the new owner and congratulated her. I sensed her excitement and her trepidation as I looked around the empty room. I took over my business as well; from a family member. The business had a strong following for 30 years and I kept the name to promote a smooth transition. I was terrified to really put my own personality into the store. It continues to be a very long and arduous ride, winning over the customers and weaning off the past. At the beginning, I wasn??t confident enough to implement too much change, thinking I would lose everyone that had ever walked through the door! Yes, many days my store was a ghost town. Over time I realized, even though the store name will always stay the same, I had to find the courage to really own it and cement my own footprint The core mission statement stayed same, but the owner is a new person, me! Slowly, I added my personality to my little store and now I feel it represents who I am. I continue to make new choices that I think will make the business better and realized I can??t please everyone. And that is o.k. I will order my take out from my neighborhood Spanish restaurant and continue to support her. Hopefully over time the look of sheer terror in her eyes with give way with a look of confidence :)