???Most of us, in our civilized society, rely too heavily on reasoning capacity to make things happen. We??ve been raised to believe that logic will prevail. Logic, in and of itself, will rarely influence people. Most often logic doesn??t work.?? - Herb Cohen, You Can Negotiate Anything So what does work? It??s the very heart and soul of copy that moves people to take action. It??s ??_ ... emotional connection and appeal, which occur, by the way, in your unconscious mind. Now... it's uncomfortable for some of us to deal with the fact that, at the end of the day... ... we are not controlled by nobler (i.e. thinking, refined) aspects of mind.... .. but by those "baser" desires and impulses, from our emotional selves. However... and what I'm about to say is crucially important...every successful copywriter knows this. When you have to make something work, you lead with a believable yet intense emotional appeal, and then you make your logical case to justify the impression you've made on your prospect's emotions... to keep the effects of all the good work your hot copy has done, from slipping away. Yours, David http://bit.ly/1XmAine