It cuts across all forms of personal communication: writing copy; speaking; face-to-face selling; chit-chat at the grocery store; even lookin' for love at the local saloon. It's the need to put yourself in the story. To shed anonymity. To let people know who YOU are. It's powerful. When you don't do it, you're faceless; and most people writing advertising copy leave this part out. O shame! O missed opportunity! O self-sacrifice! Because putting personal information in your ad copy, the right way, will add tremendous power to your copy and... ... increase your response rate and profitability by a wide, wide margin. Yes, we live in a very impersonal world. But no, we don't sell or buy that way. People buy from people. It's always been that way; and there's a very good chance it will continue to be that way stretching out into the future, as far as the eye can see. Let them know who YOU are, and why YOU (and your team) can help your customers get what they want. But don??t stop there. Because ultimately, your copy is not, and never should be, all about you. At the end of the day, you copy is all about your customer. And, by the way, that includes what YOU have to offer, and what you can do for your customer. Read more in the original blog: Cheers, David