As a writer, I have a pretty accurate B.S. detector. And, believe it or not, becoming a copywriter has only increased my ability to sort out the genuine and authentic from everything else. A book I read was, hands down, the genuine article. It was called... ... The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. This is a great book, for anyone who does their own thing (as opposed to doing someone else's thing for them): entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, actors, speakers, visionaries, inventors, and of course writers -- to name a few. And finding the courage to do what you do is what The War of Art is all about. Not just courage, either. Time. Motivation. Clearing of calendar. It's amazing how easy it is to put off doing what's right in front of you, the important next step. If you??ve read this book, I??d love to know what you think. Cheers, David