I once took a screenwriting class in Marin County, California and we had the most interesting assignment ??? one that would work exceptionally well for copywriters, too. The assignment was basically to snoop. Yeah, snoop. We were supposed to hang out somewhere in public, with a notebook and a pen, and eavesdrop on conversations. Then, transcribe them word-for-word. It's an amazing exercise in tuning up your hearing. You'd be surprised how you don't hear exactly what other people are saying, the way they are saying it -- until you really start listening, that is. The purpose of this exercise was to discover the way people actually say things. Word for word. In real life. Now... how does this all relate to writing advertising? Simple. Good advertising is the spoken language in written form. To get better at writing to attract business, you might want to try some public eavesdropping yourself. Amazing exercise. Just don't be too obvious about it. Paranoid people might get the wrong idea. Sincerely yours, David http://bit.ly/1T759EU