Hey guys, To formally introduce myself, my name is Alex and at 19, I'm running my own successful creative marketing and growth strategy business. I have helped grown brands from absolutely nothing to hundreds of thousands of dollars in value, and I have helped mid and large sized corporations extend their fan base and profit margins by upwards of 40% in a matter of months. Since this platform is all about learning and networking, I thought I'd try to get to know as many other people on Townsquared as I possibly can???so if I somewhat randomly requested you, you know why. My career has been under heavy scrutiny due to how old I am, and this is something that I have learned to deal with simply because I know how irresponsible and ignorant my generation often is. It is frustrating at times, but very understandable. What this has taught me is to stay quiet, and let my work speak for itself. To give you a basic idea of what I mean???please note that in a matter of two weeks I have helped one of my clients raise $18,000 for business expenses, and in the next few months used those funds to make tens of thousands more. All it takes is a little creativity???which is something that serves me very well in my young age. I'll try to post as much as I can, and I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of you as well! It would truly be an honor to hear from you guys about your own challenges and experiences???any insight from any industry at all is always greatly appreciated. Reach out anytime! alex.a.honcharenko@gmail.com http://www.alexanderhmarketing.com/