I still use handwritten receipts. Yes, I know off hand the tax for many amounts because it has been wired into my brain through repetition. My entire store is quaint. My personality is not businesslike. I really want to keep it this way. Occasionally I get a remark or a look. No words pass. I can read my customer??s mind. (I am so talented :) They want proof of amount so without missing a beat I head use my printer calculator and staple the print out to the handwritten receipt. All is well. I do keep up with the times. I am on most social media and have an ecommerce site. Sometimes I feel the mashable qualities of all of this works like magic. Other times, I feel the effort I have to implement is mind bending. I am aware of many small retail businesses that rely strictly on old school. I do remember a shipping/stationery store in the East Village upgraded to a point of purchase system. The owner was an elderly man and everything was in his head so the upgrade surprised me. I asked him if he was happy he started using the system. His eyes lite up and spewed praises. He could do everything with this spank'in new toy and saved him so much work. I was so glad for him! His retail business did not loose it??s charm. He did not lose his charm. So Steve from Beacon Paint and Hardware, my opinion is??_..I don??t think it is a deterrent to keep our retail old school. I do believe in the long run, for myself, a point of purchase system would save quite a bit of work.