Hi Everyone, I am sharing my story in the hope that you will not fall into the same trap like I did. Or if you are considering switching to Verizon, please read my story and do more research on their service and reputation before making your decision. I have been a Verizon customer for 15 years. Everything turned south since August 2015. First they lured me into signing a 2-yr contract with a lower monthly rate for a better package, but it turned out they were not honoring that rate and my monthly bill was tripled! Every time I called, they were either being rude or they dismissed their promise of removing the extra charges. Finally, I filed a complaint with FCC in July, and thank God, Verizon were more helpful after that. Then, after the few heavy rain storms in August this year, we experienced extremely inconsistent connection for both our internet and phone, after a few visits by their technician, I was told Verizon needs to replace all the wires and it is going to be a big job. Meanwhile, my business suffered a tremendous loss. I had no choice but to switch to Time Warner. Now Verizon wants to charge me almost $700 termination fees!!! Can you believe this?! I still find this mind boggling! The last thing I heard from FCC is that my case was closed and Verizon will send me a letter. Now 2 weeks later I still have not received anything from Verizon. I emailed FCC but no response. I am really not sure where I stand now with Verizon. I am afraid to call their customer support, which is a joke anyway, first I need to explain my case from Day 1, and if I am lucky, I might get a compassionate representative and get some information, otherwise, they will "kick" me to another department...and another...and another...until eventually I end up in their automatic voice responder! Maybe I am just the unlucky one. I am curious to know if anyone has the same or similar experience with Verizon? Any suggestion what I should do next? Thanks for reading this long message! Mun.