Being a business owner, freelancer, or private contractor is one of the toughest career choices one could pick. The reason???because a paycheck is never guaranteed. Being a marketer and brand growth specialist, sometimes I am called upon to combat just that. During times of a business slow down, there are a few basic steps that anyone can take to drum up new work. They may vary from industry to industry, but their underlying principles still apply. 1) Follow up with previous customers. In absolutely every line of work, it is marginally cheaper to satisfy an old customer that it is to gain a new one. Since most businesses rely on repeated purchases, always make sure that you follow up with previous customers to reassure them they have not been forgotten. This lesson must be engrained in your business model???especially if you are a service provider or a retailer. 2) Add a new aspect to your business or update old ones. You must always continue to ask yourself if what you are selling is still relevant to your consumer base. Much of the time, the reason that people stop buying is precisely because of that. Are your products or services still providing the same (or greater) value? Is someone in your field doing a better job than you are? Answer these honestly and with as much detail as possible, and you will have your answer on how to grow your brand and clientele. 3) Stay updated on your industry's news. You must always be aware of what's going on in your line of work. For all you know, you may be a decade behind everyone else in terms of your service and business model. It is crucial to know who is innovating your industry???and even moe importantly, what can you do to stay ahead of the curve. I hope these tactics gave you a bit to think about when it comes to growth. If you need me to elaborate on any of them then please do not hesitate to reach out!