When I started my business I wasn't sure how it was gonna shake out. Retail. Apparel. Not an easy industry. I was offered 2-3 year lease or a 1 year lease with a 5% increase every year with an option to renew. So I did the one year lease. Now that I am planted here in the shop and things are pretty ok. I want to extend the lease, to give the landlord a stable tenant and to get rid of the automatic increase. Previous tenants have left in 2-3 years, so this would ensure the space wouldn't be empty for a long period of time. So I emailed my landlord that I wanted a longer lease and he basically ignored me. My friend said a 5% increase in a commercial lease is normal, but I am not knowledgeable about this. I also don't appreciate being completely ignored. What should I do from here to proceed with this discussion?