Today I worked with a client who is the Problem Solver for a HUGE tech project in a giant corporation involving many stakeholders. Because the deadlines for completion of various phases are based on ideas, not reality, the pressure is intense on everyone involved. Anyone relate to unrealistic deadlines? There is a lot of turnover among employees (from too much pressure), and in the constant change, balls get dropped. WHO is responsible for WHAT gets lost. My client is a highly effective manager. However, she tends to assume responsibility that belongs to others. This takes an emotional toll. If something goes wrong, do you immediately think, ???What did I do wrong??? or, ???It??s my fault??? But, when things go right, there is no patting yourself on the back with a hearty ???Well done!?? We worked on reinforcing her energetic BOUNDARIES. Boundaries are essential for protecting you from words, behavior and energies outside of you that don't serve you. They are equally important for creating space in which you can center yourself, get calm, and access your highest level of instincts, intelligence and creativity. They create safety zones in which you can become a witness to events and RESPOND to things, rather than REACT habitually. My client is responsible, responsible for how she responds to circumstance, not for things outside her control In our super-duper-fast-paced tech, tech, tech life, it is essential to create space in which you breathe and check in with yourself. You can handle anything better when not in a rush. Everything is made up of energy, including you and me. You can direct your personal Life Force energy to create a protective bubble around you, creating space in which you can be, and do, your best. Right now, become aware of your body. Your skin is your boundary. Notice how you feel in your own skin. Then, take a look around you. Notice what you notice Now, take a few easy breaths. Imagine a bubble of energy about three feet around you in all directions. It is filled with your energy. Sense it being there to protect you. Notice what it is like to have some space around you, space in which to be your self with nothing pressing on you. No agendas. Notice how you feel. Look around you. Is anything different? I would love to know what you experience.