Despite your best laid plans, the worst has happened: An emergency costing you thousands of dollars. You need cash, and you need it now. What can you do today to avoid this problem in the future? When you spend so much time and effort on your business, it??s easy to direct your financial resources to your business as well. And in a time of emergency, your instinct might be to use money from the business to bail you out. But as I??ve said before, you are not your business! You need an emergency cash buffer to protect you and your business. Building the foundation of your personal financial future on hope and luck is just as impractical as believing you??ll never experience an emergency. I recommend an initial goal of three months expenses as emergency cash. When calculating your expenses, include housing, basic living expenses and ongoing debt repayments that can??t be cut out immediately. Exclude anything that can be removed or reduced in a crisis from your goal amount. I know the thought of putting that much money into an emergency cash fund seems daunting, but nothing will endanger your financial security faster than a large, unexpected expense. Although your emergency cash buffer should earn interest, don??t think of this account as a source of income. You shouldn??t be able to access this cash using a bank card, but you should be able to transfer the funds to within 24-48 hours. Everyone will face a difficult time that will tax you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Don??t add financial stress to the situation! Choose Freedom! Dr. Tony