My passion lately is pointing towards exploring women who own their own business. New York women because this is where my business is and this is where I cross their paths. I am lucky. Most women come to me. My store atmosphere can be a wonderful opportunity to candidly chat with women coming in and out of my life. Their stories are all so different. Their ages spread across the spectrum of the young to the elderly. I also have my radar focused on women I meet in my neighborhood. Small retail and food establishments with a female owner. I enjoy talking shop. How is business this week? What POS are you using? Do you know a good lawyer? Do your feet hurt standing all day? The spectrum of women entrepreneurs spreads across my customer base, vendors I buy inventory from, neighborhood businesses and small business networking. As I write this, I am now aware all these venues are not online connections. These conversations are face to face. What a concept! I am lucky to engage with the mechanics of the workings of small businesses through the eyes of a woman. I peek into and share with them the life of all of us. I am acutely aware of red flags women face in the business world, how we compensate and how we over compensate. I learn from this. Their strength and weaknesses are also mine.