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Tom Keith

IT, Strategy, Creative and UX Staffing


Tom Keith of Solid State Pros brings Fortune 500 and 1000 business practices for IT and creative work to small and medium businesses, and all at a fraction of the cost. Solid State Pros understands business growth is tough, especially understanding WHICH strategy actually works. That’s why Solid State Pros as digital product strategists exist.

Is Solid State Pros your classic one-stop shop? No, that cheats the client. Can Solid State Pros make sure all of your needs are met? Yes, by utilizing their network of strategic alliance partnerships to ensure the same quality in any other areas. After all, getting a beautiful website or developing a snappy product is only half the work. Making your site or your product a success by using proven industry methods is a different necessity altogether.

A bit about Tom: I was born in the Mid-West, raised on the East Coast and finally have roots down in Seattle! I love what I do, and I truly believe in making one’s vocation their vacation (even if it takes a gallon of coffee). I believe life isn’t all about work, however. Take the time to smell the roses and appreciate why we all work so hard and do what we do!