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Vernita Naylor

Consultant, Government Contracts


Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup), an integrated business resource company that provides consulting, education and training services to government and corporate entities and their stakeholders in government contracting and business development services which includes supplier certification programs, proposal development, sub-prime relationships, and how to partner with your ideal customer(s).

JEGroup are advocates for underrepresented businesses and was chosen as the Top 100 businesses nationwide and was chosen to be a voice for other businesses at the White House.

Founder of the JEGroup, Vernita Naylor, had worked for GSA (Federal Government) for over 25 years and resigned to begin helping business owners build economic empowerment through the supplier certification program because disadvantaged and underrepresented (small, women, veteran and minority-owned) businesses was not aware how they could partner with corporate and government buyers.

The JEGroup offers two program levels: 1) Provide education and training for corporate and government entities and their stakeholders and 2) Consulting services around Government Contracting for business owners.

The goal of these program levels are to:

  • increase the pool of certified and qualified suppliers
  • help the buyers meet their supplier certification goals
  • teach suppliers effective strategies on connecting with their ideal customer(s)
  • educate the buyers to create more strategic partnerships

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