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William Perez

Tax Professional


My grandmother lost her house to the IRS. Her husband, my grandfather, had just passed away, and she had a huge tax bill that she just couldn’t pay. So, the IRS seized her house to satisfy the tax debt. The reality is, many Americans struggle with a range of financial issues, and many people have to make hard choices about whether they will be able to pay their rent, buy food, and cover health costs.

It was to help those facing this kind of struggle that I decided to become a tax professional and dedicate my career to helping people in similar situations who are facing tax debt. My goal is to protect clients who owe money to the IRS, so they can get out of debt.

My team and I help people get out of debt with the IRS. Whether you work directly with me, Willam Perez, or a member of our outstanding team, with our affordable, flat-fee service packages, we can help you set up a payment plan, remove a tax lien, recover money from a bank levy, or stop a wage garnishment. We work quickly and efficiently to find the best options for dealing with the IRS.