Member guidelines

Our mission is to help you make your business everything you dream it can be, and we believe that connecting and empowering small business owners is an effective (and fun) way of helping to make that happen. Townsquared is your space to connect and find the resources you need, so our member guidelines are short and sweet. Learn more by reading our member guidelines below.


Respect others in your community

All communication between members should be transparent and respectful. We know some topics connected to running a business can be contentious. And we know owners have strong feelings about things that affect their business—that devotion is one of our favorite things about you! To keep Townsquared a place that offers support to all small and local businesses, please show tolerance for different opinions and viewpoints.


Keep your community private

Authenticity matters. You’re part of a private network for the people who run local businesses, created as a place to share honest thoughts, problems, and opinions. Respect the privacy of all the members of your community. Don’t share any information without the permission of the person who shared it.


Do not aggressively solicit business

We’re delighted when members find each other for comarketing and collaborations, and when business owners find services they need. The core of Townsquared is business owners helping each other. That’s why members should not aggressively solicit business from others in the community.

More questions about how to use Townsquared? Check out our FAQ page or shoot us an email—we’d love to hear from you!


Something fishy? If you encounter a post that isn’t following the guidelines, that seems disrespectful, abusive, or spammy, please email us at We’ll evaluate whether or not to remove the content. Likewise, if you come across a member or business that isn’t real or is being falsely represented, email, so we can investigate.