Our Story

Our Story

Townsquared wasn’t just built for small businesses, it was built at a small business—specifically, over fresh pasta and the famous meatballs from Pasta Gina. Townsquared was originally powered by Gina’s homemade food (possibly a few cannolis), and our founders, Ro Prakash and Nipul Patel, regaled Gina and her husband, Gene, with their dream of helping small businesses. They liked the idea so much, Pasta Gina was one of our first investors. Gene and Gina helped make Townsquared a reality because they believed, like we do, that small businesses benefit from strong communities. We’re honored by their faith in us (even though Ro and Nipul still aren't allowed to make the cannoli filling).

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help small businesses succeed through easy access to the knowledge they need.
All of us at Townsquared are endlessly inspired by the energy and dedication of individuals working to realize the dream of running a successful business. It’s why we do what we do: provide a free online platform for local businesses to succeed together.

Our Values

Our values rest on one principle: We’re stronger, together.

Put Members First

Do What We Say, Say What We Do

Be Respectfully Open and Direct

Incorporate Diversity and Collaboration

Move Faster and Go Further to Make the Community Better

Happy Hour!

The Townsquared Team

Neuroscience. Badminton. Sauce. Learning and growing in SF, combining my passion for local and problem solving.

Ro Prakash


Hungry for new knowledge, big burritos, good basketball, and music with a soul. On the hunt for more reading time.

Nipul Patel


A world-wandering designer, UX refiner, and secret ceramicist with an enthusiasm for tiny things and pie.

Miwa Ikemiya


Policy wonk, political nerd, and all-around public servant at heart. Usually in stripes and a jaunty cap.

Ahmad El-Najjar


Former technophobe. Enjoys reading post-apocalyptic science fiction and exploring the great indoors.

Emily Manders


Life scientist, joy spreader, shark diver. Can be seen playing beach volleyball every Sunday.

Karine Trépanier


Passionate about family, bikes, books, solving real world problems, creating value, and products that wow.

Andy Bryson


Finance guy that loves seeing the rubber hit the road by building teams and products that solve real problems and make people’s lives better.

Chris Turlica


Proudly from Yorkshire and runs on disco. Busy finding the best stories to tell. Liberally supplements life with wine and sparkle.

Lucy Bartlett


Passionate about coffee, hiking, storytelling, building community. Exploring the world one neighborhood at a time!

Kira Pascoe


Urban planner building community from the ground up. Also swings from ceilings.

Sara Romanoski


Pattern seeker interested in story, image, and experience. Thinking global via local. Biking-to-coffee-or-beach-or-bay enthusiast.

Tan-ya Gerrodette


Software architect by day, bug bounty hunter by night. Attends hackathons for AWS credits.

Eric Lamison-White


Bespectacled Engineer. Urban Scholar. Visitor from the Technofuture.

John Dvorak


Former reader of manuals, now passionate about learning by doing. Ears perk up at mentions of cricket, psychological biases, and board games.

Kenny Chandrasekera


Do-gooder Brooklyn boy. Relentless runner. Insatiable eater. Urban enthusiast. Former politico. Always small business-first.

Victor Wong


Motorcycle-riding sweater knitter, slowly eating my way through my native NYC

Linda Missal


Portland native, entrepreneur and recovering banker. Reads all things Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Pink. Washed up athlete who has more sneakers than you.

Stephen Green


Canuck that loves conquering the impossible with a scrappy team. Also, dogs, beer, and Tim Hortons.

Tim Sze


NW girl. Dabbler in cooking, gardening and winemaking. Connoisseur of corpse revivers.

Melissa Peterman


Marketer, Mystic, Jockette, Wordsmith, Musician, Aesthete, Tippler, Explorer and Lover of SF.

Jane Rex


Loves working with great teams, and making things that matter for the community. Yogi, musician, traveller.

Katya Sadovnycha


Singaporean landed in a foreign country with a passion for sightseeing, hiking and food.

Jun Xiang Tan


Hula-dancing bacon-makin' hostess with the mostest. Greasing the office gears for smooth sailing.

Jocelyn Manuel


Passionate about building teams and products, tech, urban hiker, sports aficionado, avid book reader, constantly learning, comic-relief where needed.

Krishna Vemuri


Glamping expert with NorCal roots and soul. Product designer making digital life a little brighter.

Carolyn Packer


Tech enthusiast, open-source devotee, craft beer aficionado; from the Great White North!

Hugo Dozois-Caouette


We're looking for more great people to join our team!

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