Meet your biggest cheerleaders.

Townsquared was built by people who champion small and local business. Both of our founders came from a family of small business owners, learning early that it isn’t an easy job. Our team members spend every day working directly with businesses in the cities we serve, watching them overcome challenges and celebrate wins as they grow. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that just because you can run a business on your own, it doesn’t mean you should. Our members use Townsquared to meet and learn from a diverse set of independent and passionate business owners right in their neighborhoods.

We help local businesses survive and thrive by connecting them to a local network of people who’ve been there.

Our values

Stronger together.
We empower our local business communities by fostering a supportive place to share advice and information.
Trust matters.
On Townsquared, members can expect privacy, transparency, and acceptance.
Give more, get more.
Generosity is what makes our community special. Our members join to help other businesses find success alongside their own.

The Townsquared Team

Neuroscience. Badminton. Sauce. Learning and growing in SF, combining my passion for local and problem solving.

Ro Prakash


Hungry for new knowledge, big burritos, good basketball, and music with a soul. On the hunt for more reading time.

Nipul Patel


A world-wandering designer, UX refiner, and secret ceramicist with an enthusiasm for tiny things and pie.

Miwa Ikemiya


Finance guy that loves seeing the rubber hit the road by building teams and products that solve real problems and make people’s lives better.

Chris Turlica


Tech enthusiast, open-source devotee, craft beer aficionado; from the Great White North!

Hugo Dozois-Caouette


Hula-dancing bacon-makin' hostess with the mostest. Greasing the office gears for smooth sailing.

Jocelyn Manuel

People Operations

Life scientist, joy spreader, shark diver. Can be seen playing beach volleyball every Sunday.

Karine Trépanier


Loves working with great teams, and making things that matter for the community. Yogi, musician, traveller.

Katya Sadovnycha


Former reader of manuals, now passionate about learning by doing. Ears perk up at mentions of cricket, psychological biases, and board games.

Kenny Chandrasekera


Mathieu Marangere-Gosselin


We're looking for more great people to join our team!

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