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Beacon Hill Merchants Association


First and foremost, the Beacon Hill Merchants Association acknowledges that they serve a vibrant and diverse community. Their goal is to build on the rich community that is already there, and the assets of the area’s geography, history and diversity.

The Beacon Hill Merchants Association are a member-based organization, dedicated to strengthening Seattle’s Beacon Hill district. The board, staff and volunteers of the Beacon Hill Merchants Association work together to plan for and promote equitable community and economic development of the neighborhood. Through programming and revitalization activities, they seek to build on and improve the many excellent qualities that already exist in Beacon Hill.The Association serves as liaison between the Beacon Hill neighborhood businesses, and the City of Seattle and its various departments. They regularly advocate for higher visibility for Beacon Hill at the city level and increasing levels of funding for city projects in the community.

The Beacon Hill Merchants Association offers small business technical assistance to their members, and a wide range of programming with a focus on the commercial core, bringing more shoppers into their community, and improving connectivity between stakeholders in the area. They encourage involvement and collaboration through partnerships with local nonprofits and organizations including El Centro de la Raza, the Duwamish District Council, Homesight, Beacon Community Arts, Beacon Hill Safe Streets. Their programming spans from a monthly networking luncheon that features local food to sponsoring Beacon Hill events like the Jefferson Park Jubilee, the Beacon Boogie, and Beacon Rocks. They can name successes like connecting property owners with developers at the same table, preserving existing businesses while also making sure that there is room to grow and advocating for the community college option to go into Pacific Hospital, the former Amazon Headquarters.