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Bellevue Chamber of Commerce


The Bellevue Chamber’s primary goal is to accelerate business growth and potential through programs, policies, and partnerships that consistently advance Bellevue as a great city for businesses of all sizes. The Chamber advocates for an entrepreneurial environment in Bellevue that promotes business and strengthens the economy.

The Bellevue Chamber delivers on its commitment to members of the local business community by providing a rich professional network, unparalleled development opportunities, and benefits for members that enhance the bottom-line. The Chamber is also dedicated to promoting smart public policy for the business community with local and state government. The Chamber ensures issues critical to local business are heard and acted upon.

With a membership that is 84% small business, but also includes fortune 500 companies, the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce understands that big or small, local relationships matter.

In the words of Board Chair, David Masin:

“We have all come to Bellevue for new opportunity, to make connections and to grow our business. What unites us all together and allows us to make these connections, is the organization that I am proud to represent as the Chairman of the Board in the coming year, the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.

While we live in a world where exchanging Twitter handles has replaced shaking hands, or FaceTime conversations have taken over for face-to-face conversations, the Bellevue Chamber stays relevant knowing relationships matter, people matter and interpersonal relationships are not a thing of the past. While we continue to embrace technology, we will not lose sight of these values taught to us by generations that have come before us.”

If you are a current, new, or startup business interested in being connected to Bellevue’s vibrant and growing local economy, the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce stands ready to be your essential business partner.