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Fremont Chamber of Commerce


The Fremont Chamber of Commerce is not a regular business organization, because Fremont is not a regular Seattle neighborhood. Some residents think so highly of the Fremont community that they call it the “Center of the Universe.” Some members might even claim that Fremont is not a geographic region, but a state of mind. The Fremont Chamber of Commerce strengthens the business climate and improves the quality of life in the Fremont neighborhood, and they have fun while doing it.

Membership in the Fremont Chamber includes resources designed to grow local business, connect business owners with leaders in the Fremont community, and help the community stay informed about issues that affect local commerce. Fremont is a neighborhood of year-round unexpected and unconventional entertainment, host to events like the Hopscotch Beer & Scotch Festival, Fremont Solstice Fair, Fremont Oktoberfest, Fremont Sunday Market and Fremont Outdoor Movies. Funding for Fremont Chamber of Commerce’s community grant programs comes is generated from proceeds from Hopscotch Festival and the Solstice Fair, and the Chamber’s sponsorship of these events ensures that they are active forces in the community for years to come.

At the Fremont Chamber’s monthly meetings, members can market their business to other members, including some business neighbors that they might otherwise meet.  These events help build the businesses in Fremont’s community through training, promotion, networking and community service.

The Fremont Chamber of Commerce is committed to coming up with “outside the box” solutions to livability and economic viability concerns. By coming together as local businesses and residents, the community’s voice is stronger, and can be collectively heard in Seattle.