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Neighborhood Preservation Center


Preserving the culture and history of a community is an important part of a thriving small business community. New York City’s Neighborhood Preservation Center is the first, and only one, of its kind in New York City, where the public is welcome to convene, strategize, and exchange information on ways to preserve the rich cultural history of New York City’s neighborhoods.

Opened on November 1, 1999, the Neighborhood Preservation Center is located in the historic Ernest Flagg Rectory of the landmark St. Mark’s Church In-the-Bowery site and is a project of the St. Mark’s Historic Landmark Fund. The Center endeavors to support the numerous organizations concerned with the city’s multifaceted environment, and to facilitate the public’s access to these organizations. It is also committed to supporting preservation and sustainability in action through participation in the Lower East Ecology Center’s Ecobiz NYC program.

Organizations from all across New York City—and beyond—as well as community groups at work in the immediate neighborhood of St. Mark’s, regularly avail themselves of the Center’s services.

The Neighborhood Preservation Center was created through a unique partnership of three organizations: the Historic Districts Council, a city-wide advocate for New York’s historic neighborhoods; the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, a leader in the preservation and protection of the architectural heritage and cultural history of the Village; and the St. Mark’s Historic Landmark Fund, a friends group dedicated to the preservation of the St. Mark’s Church campus, which now focuses on the preservation and maintenance of the Historic Ernest Flagg Rectory and sponsorship of its Neighborhood Preservation Center project. All three organizations have offices at the Center.

The relationship between these three organizations serves as the basis for the spirit of cooperation and collaboration that the Center inspires amongst all the groups who work here. It’s the same spirit that Townsquared is built upon, and our New York City Townsquared members are fortunate to have a partner in the Neighborhood Preservation Center.