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OneRedmond is a private-public partnership for economic and community development in the city of Redmond, Washington. Members of OneRedmond are dedicated to supporting local companies, attracting new business investment, and fostering an innovative business culture and community, with the goal of making Redmond the location of choice for businesses.

OneRedmond provides confidential, pro bono consulting services to entrepreneurs who want to start a business. They also support existing businesses who seek to expand, new businesses that want to relocate, and firms who require support on training and acquiring a workforce, and other customized services. As part of their mission to bolster the Redmond small business community, OneRedmond supports an office of the Small Business Development Center and SCORE.

At the local and national level, OneRedmond pursues a public policy agenda that ensures the business climate in Redmond and the region supports growth and is friendly for conducting business.

OneRedmond focuses many of their resources on development costs and efficiency, transportation investment, and expanding higher education opportunities to train tomorrow’s workforce for our businesses and those to come.