Townsquared Partners

Portland Development Commission


Portland voters created the Portland Development Commission (PDC) in 1958 and since then, for more than five decades, the PDC has been a fundamental driver of Portland’s reputation for vibrancy and livability. The PDC has worked continuously as Portland’s urban renewal and economic development agency. The organization has a proven track record of investing in the job creation, innovation, and economic opportunity that has transformed Portland into one of the world’s most desirable and equitable cities.

As part of the Portland municipal governance structure, the PDC is headed by an executive director, who reports to a five-member board of commissioners, local citizens who are appointed by the mayor and approved by Portland City Council. This structure allows the PDC independence when it comes to implementing programs and allocating resources.

The PDC has played a leading role in bridging public and private resources to address what matters to Portland residents and businesses, from empowering neighborhoods and improving quality of life to job creation and economic opportunity.

As Portland’s urban renewal and economic development agency, the PDC fulfills its mission of creating economic growth and opportunity for Portland every day. Townsquared fully supports the mission of the PDC to make Portland one of the most globally competitive, equitable, and healthy cities in the world.