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Rentah is a website and platform that allows small business entrepreneurs, freelancers, and regular people to either provide items, services, or spaces for rent, or to look for them to rent.

Rentah is bringing the sharing economy to everyone with an internet connection through an awesome team with deeply varied histories and backgrounds, from South America to East Asia and back here to North America. What the Rentah team and their members all have in common, and what they like to pride themselves on, is being a “company for the people.”

As CEO Anup Desai notes, “In the process of building this site, most of us have worked second jobs, finished school, started paying off school loans, and had to deal with rising rents in New York City! We recognize we are not unique in facing hardships; this is the world we live in. Our goal though, through Rentah, is to help others face similar hardships with dignity, strength, and support.”