Townsquared Partners

Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce


Townsquared is honored to work with the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, the largest and most diverse business association in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1882 by local business leaders, the Chamber continues to be a leading independent organization representing 2,200 companies and a regional workforce of almost 700,000 individuals.

The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce consistently works toward an economically vibrant and globally competitive Seattle region where businesses can flourish and everyone has the opportunity to succeed and has access to a thriving quality of life.

The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce forwards its mission by engaging the innovation and entrepreneurship of its members to advance economic prosperity, advocate for a vital business environment, and build sustainable and healthy communities in the Seattle region.

In the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber’s own words, “At the Chamber, we believe that the business community thrives when the whole community is healthy. And we believe our region is uniquely positioned to compete in the global marketplace because we embrace three key attributes: we create jobs, we are responsible stewards of the environment, and we ensure access and opportunity for all.”