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The U District Partnership


The mission of the U District Partnership (UDP) is to serve all who work in, live in, and visit the University District in Seattle, Washington. The U District Partnership fosters and sustains a vibrant, diverse, and healthy neighborhood for the common good of all community stakeholders.

The U District Partnership’s work is organized into four working committees: Economics Committee, Marketing Committee, Clean and Safe Committee and Urban Design Committee.

Together, these four committees work to create a vibrant and attractive business district, where a mix of startup tech companies can be incubated, and small independent business owners can flourish. Through market research, real estate and business inventories, catalytic development opportunities, and business education, the U District Partnership promotes retail and small business growth, alley activation and business development.

The U District Partnership manages a program that focuses on crime and disorder hotspots, public rights-of-way, young adult support, community services, and partnerships with law enforcement and educational organizations. As stewards of a public realm that should be friendly for all, the U District Partnership works to create inviting, clean, and safe streets and public areas for everyone.