10 Best Seattle Small Business Ideas in 2017

May 28, 2017 • 4 min read
Katelyn Peters

Katelyn Peters

Content Editor

Seattle has always been ahead of the times. The grunge music genre exploded on a national scale in the nineties, but it was invented in the Emerald City. Before it spread like wildfire, the artisanal coffee movement began around the corner at a coffee shop called Starbucks. Even empires start small.

The popularity of self-employment is rising as more people decide to pursue their wildest entrepreneurial dreams and seek personal fulfillment through their profession. The high potential for profit is one of the many attractive elements of being an entrepreneur, along with the flexibility afforded by making your own schedule.

The entrepreneurial spirit is high at Townsquared. We know Townsquared members who have taken huge risks in order to turn their dreams into a profession, many times risking the security of their day jobs. If you want to know who someone is, ask them what they are passionate about. We consider it an honor to hear their stories.

Creatives and entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest continue to innovate and inspire new generations of entrepreneurs, creating technology to improve the world and inventing art forms that are accessible to everyone.

seattle small business

We did some research and came up with the 10 best Seattle small business ideas right now. If you’ve ever considered becoming an entrepreneur or starting your own business in Seattle, we recommend you do your own research. We are not the experts, but we know a lot of experts, and are happy to refer you to our best resources – our members.

10 best Seattle small business ideas right now:

1. Personal Improvement: Self-care is a buzzword that won’t seem to go away. Seattle’s population is young and eligible, with disposable income. Anything Seattle small business related to pilates, yoga or barre already has an audience. Beauty treatments, Botox and nutritional counseling are also joining the self improvement movement.

2. Recreational Outing Planner: Young people are moving to the city every day from other cities and sometimes, other countries, to join the growing talent pool in Seattle. New Seattleites arriving by themselves are eager to explore the Pacific Northwest’s beautiful geography and experience the rich cultural landscape. Similar to a Party Planner or a Wedding Planner, a Recreational Outing Planner organizes groups of people with similar interests for recreational outings – everything from winetasting at local Woodinville wineries to day hikes on Mount Rainier. When the leg work is already done, other people can show up just to have fun.

3. Repair & Resale of Electronics: Seattleites love their gadgets. The more devices that are purchased, the more devices there are that will need to be repaired someday. And it’s possible that you could offer rates that will be more competitive than the original retailers of the technology.

seattle small business

4. Day Care: According to Zillow, the median price of homes currently listed in Seattle is $630,000. That is just one indicator of how expensive it is to live in the Seattle currently. In order to support children, many families have two working parents and look for at-home care for their kids, because it is more personal than corporate daycare centers.

5. Pet Care: You’ve probably heard the statistic that Seattle has more dogs than kids, and it’s mostly true. In 2011, there were about 153,000 dogs to 107,178 kids in the city. Right now there is an explosion of dog-related businesses in Seattle.

6. Events & Photography: In the world of Instagram and Snapchat, we are accustomed to documenting every aspect of our lives. But this technology is fleeting, and while it is accessible, the images that our phones capture are not the highest quality. There is a need for photographers with high quality equipment to be present at special events, and a younger generation of Seattleites are poised to be celebrating major life milestones in the coming years.

7. At-Home Car Wash: These days, we expect everything we need to come to our door, not just dinner and groceries. In addition to dinner and grocery delivery services, there are pet food delivery services and diaper delivery services. More people living in Seattle means more cars in the city, and a mobile car washing service has the potential to reach all of them.

8. Laundry Service: Speaking of at-home delivery, a laundry delivery service could pick up dirty laundry on someone’s doorstep one day and deliver a fresh pile of laundry the next day.

9. Lawn Landscaping & Maintenance: Many of Seattle’s larger properties still have spacious yards. The lush, green environment of the Pacific Northwest offers plentiful opportunities for planting flowers and greenery. Yard and garden maintenance can be extremely labor intensive, and those people who do not enjoy yardwork or gardening will hire someone who is an expert.

seattle small business

10. Boutique: Seattle is increasingly more cosmopolitan, and the demand for new and high-end fashion is growing. As the city’s demographics change, so do consumer trends. Offering designer and imported fashion labels is very timely.

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