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The East Village small business community is located in the New York City borough of Manhattan. The East Village neighborhood’s boundaries are: to the north Gramercy Park and Stuyvesant Town, to the south the Lower East Side, and to the east the East River. The East Village community is the area east of Broadway to the East River, between 14th Street and Houston Street. The East Village was originally a farm owned by Dutch Governor-General Wouter van Twiller. Wealthy townhouses dotted the dirt roads for a few decades until the great Irish and German immigration of the 1840s and 1850s. Landowners began building multi-unit dwellings and began renting out rooms and apartments to the growing working class, including many immigrants from Germany. From the 1850s to the first decade of the 20th century, the neighborhood had the third largest urban population of Germans outside of Vienna and Berlin, and the East Village neighborhood was known as "Little Germany.” Later waves of immigration also brought many Poles and, especially, Ukrainians to the area. Several churches, including St. George's Catholic Church, and Ukrainian restaurants and butcher shops still exist in the East Village small business community. By the late 1960s, many artists, musicians, students and hippies began to move into the area, attracted by the base of Beatniks who had lived there since the 1950s. In the 20th century, the East Village neighborhood was a center of the counterculture in New York, and today is known as the birthplace and historical home of many artistic movements, including punk rock and several literary movements. The East Village neighborhood is still known for its diverse community, vibrant nightlife and artistic sensibility, and contains several smaller vibrant small business communities, each with its own character. In Alphabet City, Japanese street culture and a Japanese expatriate scene is present in the noodle shops, bars and other Japanese small business that line the street. The Bowery Poetry Club is located in the Bowery small business community and contributes to the neighborhood's reputation as a place for artistic pursuit. Creative pursuits are not limited to the arts; the small business community also represents innovation in the East Village neighborhood.

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