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Who’s on Townsquared?

Townsquared Seattle is open to all verified small business owners and staff. Neighborhood communities are small and private, so businesses can talk about what matters to them!

Entrepreneurial risk-takers
You like to know all your options. You already know a lot, and you’d search out more exclusive and reliable information if only you had more time. You’d welcome the advice of someone who’s been there and love to pass on what you’ve learned so far. Townsquared is the place to go to ask questions about best practices, share your experiences, and learn from experts.
Community builders
You know investing in the success of your community is part of your own success. Whether you’re already the go-to expert or developing that expertise, Townsquared makes it easy to connect with others who care about your local small business community.
Determined visionaries
You’re committed to growing a business that thrives, and you’re always on the lookout for the resources to get you there. Townsquared offers verified business owners free access to expert resources on everything from marketing to finance. It’s also the place to find local businesses with whom you can partner.

What businesses in Seattle are talking about

Local business owners and staff come together in their neighborhoods to share resources and advice. Subjects range from finance to bureaucracy, marketing to employee benefits. Your neighborhood community is the place to talk about any and all of your small business concerns!

Yelp reviews?
I just opened in Ballard last week. How do I get more Yelp reviews?
Losing employees
to rising cost of living. How are others dealing with this?
Looking for a co-marketing partner
for the holidays and other events!

What's happening in Seattle?

We love hosting get-togethers and seminars where our members can make real-world connections. Mingle with your business neighbors while picking up new skills, like social media smarts, or learning how to take care of yourself at a health and wellness workshop.


Product Styling & Photography Workshop

Thu, Apr 6, 10:00 am

Local Seattle business resources and beyond

The best in marketing, labor law updates, small business resources, and more


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