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The Arbor Heights small business community is located in the West Seattle community of Seattle, Washington. The Arbor Heights neighborhood is made up of the area south of SW Roxbury Street, north and east of Puget Sound, and excluding the downhill portion on the west side of this region. Arbor Heights is the southernmost section of West Seattle. The Arbor Heights community is sleepy during work hours and comes to life on active weekends, with most residents preferring to explore recreational and dining options in their own neighborhood. Arbor Heights has a private club pool, Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club, and the community has a mostly residential population. The small business districts in Arbor Heights are located just north of the community’s center in the direction of the Roxhill neighborhood and down the hill to the west, in the direction of the bordering Fauntleroy neighborhood. Pizza joints, local diners, a music service, a construction and renovation company, and a pottery and a woodworking studio all call the Arbor Heights small business community home. The Arbor Heights neighborhood is a wonderful place to call home, with an easy commute, nice homes and a friendly small business community, and entertainment is just blocks away.

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