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The Harrison- Denny Blaine small business community is located in east central Seattle, Washington. The Harrison- Denny Blaine neighborhood is bounded on the east by Lake Washington, on the south by E. Howell Street, on the west by 32nd Avenue, and on the north by Lake Washington Boulevard E., Hillside Drive E., and E. Prospect Street. The Harrison- Denny Baine neighborhood is bordered by Madrona, Madison Valley, Washington Park and Madison Park. The Harrison- Denny Blaine neighborhood's main thoroughfares are E. Denny Way, E. Harrison Street, Dorffel Drive E, Lake Washington Boulevard East, and McGilvra Boulevard East. After the Madrona trolley line was built in the early 1900s, two land developers bought nearby property and started selling it to people who were eager to move to the shores of Lake Washington. The neighborhood prospered, and nearly every lot had a view of the lake. Today, most of the original homes remain. The Harrison- Denny Blaine neighborhood was named after its developers, Elbert F. Blaine and Charles L. Denny. Charles L. Denny was the son of Seattle pioneer Arthur Denny. A chain of parks was built from the top of the hill on down to the water, including Viretta Park, Howell Park and Lakeview Park and Denny-Blaine Park. Denny-Blaine Park is a 2 acre park in the Harrison- Denny Blaine neighborhood. The land for the park was donated to the City of Seattle by the developers. There is a grass beach as well as a picnic area and a volleyball pit. After a large renovation project in the mid-2000s, the beach in Denny-Blaine Park has seen much more visitors. A poignant memorial to the influential rocker, Kurt Cobain, can be found in Viretta Park in the Harrison- Denny Blaine neighborhood, where messages and dedications have been carved into wooden benches. The late Kurt Cobain and his wife, Courtney Love, lived in a home on Lake Washington Boulevard East until his death in 1994. Sushi restaurants, vegetarian cafes and Italian nooks are some of the hot spots in the small business community in this charming neighborhood, located to the east of Capitol Hill and overlooking Lake Washington. Upscale restaurants, shops and other small businesses have found their place in this quiet, well-kept neighborhood that’s still relatively close to the city center.

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