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The Riverview small business community is located in the southwest part of Seattle, Washington. The Riverview neighborhood is bordered by Delridge, South Park and Puget Park. The Riverview community is home to many parks, including Puget Park, Riverview Playfield and South Seattle Community College. Puget Park is a hot spot in the neighborhood, and the 158-acre park is a part of the West Duwamish Greenbelt. Puget Park is an ideal place for bird watching and enjoying nature, while still being near a city setting. The community is mostly residential, and children ride their bikes and play in the many green spaces in Riverview. South Seattle Community College is located in Riverview, one of many branches of Seattle’s two-year accredited colleges, and a popular destination for people wanting to transfer to a four-year school or obtain a two-year technical degree. The college attracts commuters and residents to the Riverview neighborhood, and the empty green spaces feel at a remove from the faster pace of city life, making it a perfect locale for a family. Community small businesses include public storage facilities, convenience stores and corner gas stations. The Riverview small business community is nearby to the neighborhood’s local schools and community gardens, and together they support the growth and health of the Riverview neighborhood.

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